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Nowadays there are different black raisins in the market and the best one is the organic raisins. The reason for using acid or chemicals to dry grapes and turn them into raisins is because the drying process is done faster and in addition to increasing the speed of making raisins, the presence of insects around them will be less.

How are organic raisins:

no pesticide on the vines

The grapevine is not fortified with chemical fertilizers

Raisins should be dried in a hygienic place under the sun

A raisin dried under the sun is not shiny

It is not easy to know that the land is enriched with chemical fertilizers and laboratory tests are needed. In this case, the best way to buy is to buy raisins from a reliable and knowledgeable farmer or seller.

The difference between sour raisins and sun-dried raisins:

Sour raisins are shiny and oily

By washing sour raisins in water, it becomes a little oil-like layer

Sour raisins are softer and more watery

The taste of sour raisins is different from the taste of organic raisins

Dried sun raisin has a taste closer to grapes and its color is dull

Sun-dried raisins are drier than raisins that have been dried with acid or chemicals.

Of course, a raisin that has been dried in the open and under the sun is likely to have insects around it, and it may not be hygienic, but in any case, be sure to wash the raisin several times before consumption and then dry it.

Advice to raisin consumers: Before consuming any type of raisin, wash it carefully and several times.

organic black raisins

Some black raisins are made by using chemicals but some of them are organic. Preparing raisins at home is done by two traditional methods drying grapes in the shade and drying them in the sun.

Dry sun raisin is also known as rice raisin and it has high quality and strength and good taste. The red color is the criterion for distinguishing this raisin from other varieties. In addition to being used in some dishes and salads, pilaf raisins are also a flavor factor in sweets, cakes, and desserts.

prepared Raisins have a dark brown color and are slightly dry. The necessary period for drying the pods is 15-20 days, depending on the type of grape and weather conditions

organic black raisins

Dry shade raisin is a type of raisin whose color has not changed and remains green. Thompson seedless grapes are dried in the shade and their nutritional value is high. In the dry shade method, the picked bunches are hung by a string from the ceiling of covered halls where the air flows. In these salons, the beans dry in 50-60 days

In this method, there is no risk of rain and spoiling of the kernels, and the obtained raisins are clean and free of waste materials.

This raisin is known as green and is dried with acid. In this method, the drying time is 5-8 days and because the drying time of the beans is short, the coarseness of the beans is maintained during drying. The color is yellowish-green and soft. The acid reduces the taste, smell, and quality of raisins and its high dose is carcinogenic. Raisin color, this raisin has a greasy and semi-glossy surface due to the oil in the acid, and this is a good criterion to distinguish it.

best quality black raisins

For consuming the best quality black raisins, you must buy your raisins from reliable shops. There are different methods to turn grapes into raisins, but the best and most useful raisins are those that have been dried in the open air and exposed to sunlight or shade instead of using chemicals and sulfur. The best raisins can be easily prepared at home.

If you have the opportunity to prepare delicious raisins in the hot and dry climate of your home, don’t take it away from yourself because the natural drying of grapes causes the creation of enzymes inside them, which will create very sweet and delicious raisins.

During the grape season, our grandmothers used to hang bunches of grapes from ropes or ropes and easily obtain healthy, natural, and delicious raisins

best quality black raisins

Preparation of dried sun raisin

Remove rotten, unripe, stained, moldy fruits, as well as broken and damaged pods from the cluster so that the dried product has a good quality.

Any decay and defects will become more apparent after drying. Also, damaged fruits cause the quality and rot of other grape seeds in the cluster.

Wash and disinfect the grapes well.

Remove the small bunches of grapes from the middle stem. Be careful to move each cluster by the stem.

Place the clusters in a basket or colander or any type of container where air can easily flow in and out

Hang this container in front of the sun from something like a peg or rope.

If you make a large number of raisins, you can spread the grapes on a tablecloth or a cloth and expose them to the sun.

Grapes turn into raisins after a few days. After how long they turn into raisins, it varies in different regions, and the intensity of sunlight and air humidity.

qualities of black raisins

Grape growers sell black raisins with different qualities. There are some actions for elevating the quality of raisins. Using trays and wooden plates or metal mesh plates

qualities of black raisins

Hanging and spreading on wire nets

Drying on the vine, which some grape varieties have this potential

Observance of points when harvesting fruit to prepare raisins:

When the weather is cool is when harvesting should be done.

Avoid picking grapes on rainy days.

Divide the large bunches into smaller bunches with scissors for dipping and drying evenly.

At the time of harvesting, the types and varieties of grapes should not be mixed with each other.

Using rotten and moldy fruits to prepare raisins causes them to rot.

Before any operation, it is necessary to unripe, rotten, moldy, Diseased, and damaged grapes should be separated so that the dried product has a good quality.

The best harvest time to increase the quality and conversion rate of the harvest was in October, which was better in terms of Brix degree, soluble solids, higher performance, less raisin shrinkage, and other characteristics.

Premature harvesting (usually at the time of harvesting) caused higher raisin acid content and soluble solids, lower yield and more shrinkage, and other characteristics such as black color, firm texture, thin, homogeneous, and non-uniform appearance, and unfavorable taste due to low sugar.

Late harvesting of grapes due to damage caused by wind, rain, and cold will result in grape dropping, poor color, and excessive shrinkage of grapes.

Acid use factor

By creating cracks and fissures in the skin of the grapes, the acid solution prevents the penetration of microbes and spoilage of the fruit and prevents the grapes from turning black, in fact, it shortens the drying time of the grapes.

qualities of black raisins

organic food black raisins

If you have organic black raisins, you can make healthy food that is beneficial for your health. You can find many recipes for meals, snacks, and other foods made with raisins on the internet. Here is one of them:

Ingredients for raisins

Iranian rice: five cups

Lentils: half a glass

Water: three cups

Onion: 2 pcs

Garlic: 2 cloves

Boiled chicken breast with beard: half

Raisins: half a glass

Salt, pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, and cumin: enough

Saffron: as desired

How to prepare raisins

First, wash the rice and soak it in lukewarm water for 3 hours. Soak the lentils in advance and then cook them.

Cook half of the chicken breast with onions, garlic, and a little salt and pepper.

Fill about 2/3 of a pot with water and put it on heat until it boils. Add some salt and turmeric to the boiling water.

organic food black raisins

After the water boils, take the soaked rice out of the water and pour it into the pot of boiling water along with the lentils and leave it until the grains of rice are soft. Then drain the rice. Pour some oil on the bottom of the pot and pour the rice and lentil mixture into it with a spatula and let it simmer on a gentle heat.

In the meantime, shred the cooked chicken. Make some hot onion and hot garlic and fry the shaved chicken in them. Add some turmeric, cinnamon, cumin and salt, and black pepper to them to make them taste good. Put the raisins in hot water for ten minutes and then filter them and fry them with a little oil. Mix some boiled rice with saffron and decorate it with raisins, chicken and a little hot onion.

natural black raisins benefits

Natural black raisins have more benefits compared to raisins that are dried by chemicals. Preparation of dry shade raisins Raisins are hung in a place away from sunlight and exposed to cool air to dry. In this method, we will have completely clean raisins free of any dust and dirt.

You can hang the clusters on clothes hangers and apartment straps and place them in the shade. It may take some time to dry the grapes, but the result will be pleasant. You can use a fan to speed up the process of drying the grapes. Most of the vitamins of grapes dried with this method are still preserved and only they have less moisture than fresh grapes.

natural black raisins benefits

Although the dry sun method takes less time, be aware that sunlight causes the loss of a large number of vitamins in grapes, especially vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C. The method of preparation of green raisins and currants is the same and only the type of grapes chosen is different.

Make sure that the grapes are not piled on top of each other so that they dry faster. Homemade green raisins are not as beautiful and uniform as industrial green raisins, because this process is done in an industrial way with chemicals.

If you are not an obsessive person, you do not need to wash the grape bunches as it will prolong the drying process. After the grapes are dry, wash them. Be careful not to leave the grapes so dry, they should be a little soft. After drying the grapes, separate the raisin seeds from the cluster and put them in a glass jar, and store them in a dry and cool place.

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