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After many years of distributing high-quality raisins within the country, Edalat has now taken a huge step toward global markets to meet the needs of customers worldwide, because we know what makes customers content and we are also certain about the quality of our products. Having these two in mind and as our priorities, we are ready to offer our quality products internationally. It is worth noting that the demand for our products has been increasing in India, Japan, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia over the past few years. To get to know us and talk with our sales experts, fill in the inquiry form on our website and we will have a consultant reach out to you during working hours on all days of the week.

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Raisins are the result of drying the fruit of the grape tree, which has many nutrients for the body, raisins contain iron, potassium, calcium and group B vitamins. Raisins have antioxidant properties and prevent cell damage. Consume raisins to get rid of fatigue and excess water from your body. Raisins make the mouth smell good. These days, people suffer from heart diseases for various reasons, if you want to ensure the health of your heart, it is better to use raisins in your diet, you can reduce the level of triglycerides by consuming raisins. Reduce your body. This will significantly improve your heart health.

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