Sun maid golden raisins bulk price benefits

Raisins are the ripe and dried form of grape. Sun maid golden is one of many raisins types that is organic and for this reason, has more benefits and so the price of it is higher. Grape could be used in 2 forms, fresh and dried. Dried grape with the light and heat of the sun turns to raisin’s dried fruit.

Due to standards raisins are divided into 3 categories: sun maid, sultana and golden. Sun maid refers to any type of seedless grapes which gathered by drying in front of sun rays and turn to brown color. While golden raisin is amber yellow or light brown and dried by sulfur’s smoke but for making sultana raisin we use permitted alkaline solutions which turn the color of the final product light yellow.

An interesting point in the market is we have 2 types of raisins which are seedless and seeded while this classification is caused by different kinds of grapes for making raisins. More of raisin, the current is also classified in this group as it is kind of raisin which is provided by black or red grape what is named Shahani grape. Among these raisins, golden and sultana have better sales and export.

These two types of raisins are similar in production method but the only difference between them is in sulfur smoke which is added to the grape. As a grape’s lump loses its water, the skin of it wrinkles and makes it looks ugly. By using acid, the appearance could be beautiful. Some of the producers use sulfur smoke for a better raisin look.

Best golden raisins

raisins are classified as dried fruit. During the process of drying grapes, the moisture would be reduced to 16 percent. Golden raisins are the best and one of the most used, among other raisins. It is the most popular raisin.

This product is seedless and could be used in nuts, foods, desserts, and confectioneries. The top 3 producers of raisins in the world are turkey, USA, and Iran.


Turkey is considered a grapes land. Although turkey is one of the most exporters in the world, they are one of the most important importers too.


Raisin is one the most used dried fruits in the USA. The most common raisin in this country is Thomson seedless raisin.


One of the greatest exporters of raisins is Iran. 27 percent of raisin export in the world are done by Iran. Some of the most common raisins in Iran are golden, green, black raisins, and sultana.

Some of the other big producer countries are Greece, Chile, South Africa, and Uzbekistan. Sultana seedless raisin is the most abundant raisin in the name countries.

Golden raisin’s specifications:

Race: Iranian, taste: sweet and fruit-like, additional materials: sulfur dioxide,

Nutrition facts (in 100 gram): energy: 292 calory, protein: 2.7-gram, carbohydrate: 69.4-gram, fat: 0.4-gram, Vitamin A: 15 milligram, vitamin B1: 0.15 milligram, vitamin B2: 0.08 milligram, nicotinamide: 0.5 milligram, sodium: 31 milligram potassium: 708 milligrams, magnesium: 35 milligrams, calcium: 78 milligrams, iron: 3.3 milligram, phosphor: 129 milligrams, sulfur: 32 milligrams, fiber: 2 grams

Best golden raisinsGolden raisins benefits

This dried fruit is rich in minerals that have many benefits. By using this fruit, you can cure many of your diseases. Raisin’s benefits result from its fantastic ingredients.

  1. Antioxidant benefits: when you use anti-oxidants in your diet you will prevent cells’ ruin. Antioxidants have anti-cancer benefits too.
  2. Blood pressure reduction: high blood pressure could be caused by a bad diet but using this dried fruit could result in reducing blood pressure. Raisin has potassium and can reduce blood pressure significantly.
  3. Stress reducer: If you got stressed too much it is necessary to use raisin herbs. By using this herb, you can reduce your stress. It is also recommended to take this dried fruit with you.
  4. Improving eyesight: this dried fruit with special ingredients could improve your eyesight. If you are a person who studies a lot in a day you had better have raisin with yourself.
  5. Curing inflammations and infections: if you suffer from chronic infections and inflammation, you could choose raisin for a cure. Raisin has anti-inflammation antioxidants which could totally heal infections and inflammations.
  6. Mouth and teeth protector: raisins have oleanolic acid which could prevent teeth decay. For having better and healthier teeth it would be better to use raisins with your tea than sugar.
  7. Curing dandruff: because of resveratrol using raisins daily could reduce head skin inflammation and help to cure dandruff.
  8. Skin Rejuvenation: raisin’s high number of antioxidants and polyphenols could help to rejuvenate the skin by increasing collagen production.

Golden raisins benefits

Sun maid golden raisins nutrition

Golden raisin could be obtained by sun rays which are named sun maid or other methods. Nutrition in sun maid is high in amount and numbers because it is natural and organic. Golden raisins can be used in different foods pies and cakes.

It tastes great and makes the food more delicious. Also, has a high nutritional value. If you suffer from constipation Golden raisin is rich in dietary fibers so you can add it to your daily meal and get rid of it. Golden raisin is very efficient for fat loss and reducing blood cholesterol.

Golden raisin for being rich in potassium cause lowering blood pressure and is recommended for those who have high blood pressure. Fructose in raisins could transfer energy to the body gradually. Also, raisins are full of iron so it Is appropriate for those who have anemia. They can see some significant improvement in their progress

Sun maid golden raisins nutrition


This dried fruit also has vitamins B, vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphor, antioxidants, zinc, sodium, protein, fat and high carbohydrate. Researches show that athletes who consume a cup of raisins before and during the exercise could preserve their cells better against injury.

Golden raisins are beneficial for kidney stones. One the other raisin benefits is that it could be used for boosting your memory and reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Finding fresh raisins in a year is crucial cause after summer it is hard to find a decent form of raisin. Our company has raisins in all 4 seasons with a special transportation team. You are just a click away from getting the most delicious and high-quality raisin in your life.

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