Seedless Black Raisins 2023 Price List

Seedless Black Raisins 2023 Price List

Which black raisins are best? Seedless or seeded? Which one is more marketable? Seedless black raisins at the most reasonable price are presented directly to the customers

The minimum order quantity is 1 kg and online order registration is available
Seeded raisins are not marketable as seedless raisins

But they have a fuller flavor than seedless raisins
They also are difficult to find in the market

So if you are going to start your business on raisins, it would be better to choose seedless black raisins due to high demand
 Tasty and healthy

raisins are nature’s candies and the fiber existing in raisins will help digestion they are a great source of iron and are precisely fat-free, helping both adults and children to improve their health

 So crisps and unhealthy snacks can be replaced by raisins
There are many ways to consume raisins

It can be used as a salad topping or you can top off your yogurt with a handful of raisins

Another way is to soak the raisin in the water which acts as a natural laxative

Our company is capable to deliver raisins to both individuals and companies

The packaging can be customized based on whether you’re a wholesale buyer or a retail buyer

 Seedless Black Raisins 2023 Price List

Black Raisins 1kg Price

Most of our customers tend to buy 1 kg packaging black raisins as their first purchase

Price and rates would be different in the wholesale and retail purchases

Raisins are made by dehydrating different kinds of grapes
Black raisins are made by dehydrating Thompson grapes

It is graded by color and size
1 kg packaging would be in a form of bags, wooden boxes, or paper board cartons
As raisins are dehydrated they are resistant to spoilage but there are some storage conditions that you need to know for keeping them for a long time

Black raisins can be stored for 11 months with high quality in vacuum packaging

Export raisins packaging is completely different than regular packaging

 Seedless Black Raisins 2023 Price List

Black Raisins Benefits

Most popular black raisins are seedless

Their benefits are different than seeded raisins
generally, black raisins are meaty, soft textured, and wrinkled
They are naturally sweet so mostly used in confectioneries for cookies and pies
In traditional medicine, raisins are used to treat coughing and throat inflammation

To protect your teeth and gum health and also prevent mouth diseases, scientists recommend adding black raisins to your diet

When you are dealing with a digestion problem, black raisin is the only thing that can treat your problem certainly and make your digestion passage clear

Soaking black raisins in water multiplies its benefits because it increases its antioxidant properties soaking raisins 24 hours before consumption was a method in ancient times to treat some diseases such as high blood

To gain weight in a healthy manner black raisins will help you
Just putting a few raisins in your diet will give you soft, youthful skin and prevent sagging

It is highly beneficial for skin cells

During winter and cold days, you may feel hungry many times

So if you are looking for a snack to manage your appetite, black raisin is a perfect choice

It has a great potential to be an unrepeatable part of our daily diet

 Seedless Black Raisins 2023 Price List

Seedless Black Raisins Price

As we mentioned seedless and seeded black raisins are both available at the most reasonable price

Black raisins are made of black or red raisin
They are graded and their price depends on their quality

The quality of raisins is measured based on the way of dehydrating and the kind of grape
The fleshier grape the better raisins

This product is cheaper during summer as the grape is harvested in this season

So our customers can purchase based on their financial ability and needed quality
This beneficial dried fruit can be used as an evening meal with a cup of tea or as a nut

For those people who care about their health, this dried fruit has a special place in their daily diet

Those seedless black raisins that are dark black are more expensive and popular

Raisins are widely used as nuts and snacks and are also sugar substituted

By constantly using this tasty and nutritious food, you can overcome many of your diseases and even prevent getting sick

Wholesale buying directly in person is more affordable, but this is not possible for everyone, for those who do not have access in-person to manufacturers we made it possible to have online purchases directly from producers

 Seedless Black Raisins 2023 Price List

Golden Raisins 1kg Price

Some kinds of raisins are dried in dehydrators and golden raisins are one of them

The price of 1 kg of golden raisins will be calculated based on the grade
Regular raisins are sun-dried while golden raisins contain preservatives or stabilizers
Usually, they are plumper and have more moisture than other types of raisins

In all methods of dehydrating, raisins will turn brown

The mechanism hasn’t been recognized yet but to prevent this we need to use Sulphur dioxide during the process of dehydrating

The reason for using Sulphur dioxide is to create an antibacterial environment and preserve the main color of grapes

 Seedless Black Raisins 2023 Price List

Therefore, golden raisins cannot be produced without the help of sulfur

However, according to some research, this substance is safe, and using that will not cause health problems

This kind of raisin is one of the export marketable products that are imported by many countries because they will last for a long period in vacuum packaging

Lowering blood pressure, providing necessary vitamins, helping to treat anemia, and preventing different kinds of cancers are some of the properties of golden raisins

For ordering wholesale golden raisins you should be aware of some features of fresh raisins

They should be fine wrinkled, plump, and fleshy

To choose the best kind try to find reputable stores

It is our honor to mention that it is about 15years we are one of the main golden and black raisins exporters to most countries in the world

Stay tuned to our website to find more information

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